We live in a culture where it is often difficult to talk to a live person for tech support and if you do they are often on the other side of the world and often difficult to understand. With Own My Swing you don't have to go online an open a ticket and hope you may get an email response.

Here at Own My Swing our mission is to provide the total umbrella of coverage to maximize your Own My Life experience. Live support is available 24/7 basis and with Platinum Support Package includes product training, support and even replacement.

If you have any issue at all with your FocusBand or Myelinator™ pickup the phone call 866-456-6543 or email your issue to support@ownmyswsing.com.

FocusBand Start Up

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device
  2. Download & Open FocusBand™ App
  3. Turn on FocusBand™ & pair with mobile device
  4. (If device fails to pair try shaking it near headset)
  5. Call Customer Support for your personal intro
  6. Watch videos at OwnMySwing.com

FocusBand™ Videos:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for Headset 1

FAQ General 2